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Political Science Undergraduate Program

“We are the new generation of leaders. If you want to change the world, now’s the time. The world is not at a standstill. Everything is changing and it’s so cool to be studying political science right now.”
Shannon Kang, Sophomore - Click to read more about our students

United States Capitol Building

Political Science Undergraduate Program

Are you interested the critical issues facing society? How governments across the globe solve pressing problems? How to engage others and become a leader?

Political Science is the study of governments, their institutions, policies, and processes, and the study of people, their beliefs, their their decision-processes, their attitudes and behavior. Political Science uses rigorous research methods and scientific perspectives to examine the complex and challenging problems facing United States and all regions of the world. 

Gain marketable communication and critical-thinking skills, learn how political science research helps solve problems, acquire leadership and civic engagement skills, and pursue a career based on your interests.

Participating in internships, student organizations, study abroad, and collaborative research with faculty provide practical experience to prepare for your future!

Political science is versatile degree. Graduates work in many fields, including legislative settings, public policy think tanks, law, foreign affairs, business, non-governmental agencies, and many others.





Watch recent Political Science grad Daniella Ashibuogwu explain what she values about her liberal arts education at Purdue:

"I have an interest in Politics. I love learning about American government as well as American history, and I ultimately want to write legislation. One type of policy that’s really close to my heart is education. There are a lot of really great policies out there to help people who can’t get to school, or people who don’t necessarily have the resources like I have here at Purdue."

"What I have gained from the College of Liberal Arts is versatility. I don’t have to set one path in my life."