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Undergraduate Courses and Advising Information

CLA academic advisors guide students through their questions, concerns, and successes. CLA advisors aid students in developing a unique plan for their time at Purdue and beyond.


Political Science Undergraduate Advisors

Britain Hamm


Advice to students: “Be kind. Be kind to others no matter who they are or what their views are. Most importantly, be kind to yourself, because none of us are perfect." 


Coleen Williams



Sarah Starks

Learn more about Sarah 

Advice to students: "If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost." -Zig Ziglar



Candace Tulacz-Moore

Advice to students: "Get involved in student organizations and volunteer opportunities to find your community on campus. Try new things (i.e. take a course on a subject you've never heard of OR try a Den Pop flavor on the wall of the Discount Den you're never had)! Do not be afraid to fail. Your greatest power comes from your ability to learn and grow from the experiences that challenge you. Your professors WANT you to come to office hours (especially when you're struggling) - so GO! Purdue has so many resources - something for pretty much anything you may need support with - your advisor can help connect you to those resources, so ASK FOR HELP. Enjoy each moment; be present with your friends. This is cliché, but it goes by really fast!"

Course schedules

Course schedules and classroom assignments may change without prior notice; please check the University's course website or your schedule on myPurdue for current information.


Course descriptions

The Fall 2024 semester course brochure is available here. Professors, schedules, and room locations are subject to change.


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Major and minor requirements

The College of Liberal Arts Advising Office webpage describes the requirements for a major or minor in Political Science. The linked pages are maintained by the Advising Office; direct your questions about requirements to your undergraduate academic advisory.

Political Science major

Political Science minor

Environmental Politics and Policy minor