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Employment Info & Opportunities

We recommend that Visual Communication Design students have at least one internship experience under the guidance of a professional designer. Several of our students are engaged in internship opportunities on campus. These internships can also be invaluable networking platforms. Purdue offers a broad network of opportunities. 

Purdue Center for Career Opportunity (CCO)
Purdue Center For Career Opportunities - This portal offers Purdue students the opportunity to find internships and jobs via its network. Companies can sign up to recruit Purdue students. 

Purdue Office of Professional Practice (OPP)
The Office of Professional Practice provides students with professional work and research experiences alongside their world-class Purdue education. 

Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship
The program provides opportunities for students to work with faculty in the College of Liberal Arts on cutting-edge research projects in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Job-Ready Internship Fund
Job-Ready objectives will be: (1) To provide employers with access to CLA students’ unique skills; (2) To encourage CLA students to pursue summer internships and to make unpaid and low-paid internships a viable option for more students; and (3) To enrich CLA students’ understanding of relevant issues and opportunities to be a force for good in their lives after graduation.

VCD Visual Communications Design Network
This Facebook page is administrated by Visual Communications Design Faculty and announces upcoming visual communications design events, internships, job opportunities, and art and design information.

work opportunity in vpa

VPA Employment

The Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts offers ongoing work-study employment opportunities for Purdue students. Students are encouraged to contact the offices to learn about openings and availability: art gallery attendant (Purdue Galleries), Art and Design monitor station assistants (CLA IT - JoLene Lark, Instructional Service Technologist), web presence intern (Art & Design - Petronio Bendito, Associate Professor), and more...

VPA Exhibitions and Awards

Art and Design Undergraduate Exhibition and Awards

The Art and Design Undergraduate Exhibition is an annual juried exhibition organized by the Department of Art and Design and shown in the Patti and Rusty Rueff Galleries. Senior Portfolio Visual and Performing Arts.

Westwood Exhibition Semiannual Juried Art Competition 
This is a juried art and design competition that is exhibited at Westwood, the residence of Purdue University’s president.