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Featured Graduates

These featured works showcase a broad perspective of visual communication design inquiries and solutions. The program allows students to further their research interests and to refine their own design processes.

Sun young Ahn

color design, fashion, interactive media |  Sun young explored two practical ways to apply color theories to fashion retail and marketing communication. She developed an interactive scarf design application based on a generative pattern-generating system that the user can costumize. Also, She studied how color names affect people's perception. Her research shows that a differentiated color name enhances the impression of a color by stimulating consumers’ positive associations.


Hsuan-An Chen

interaction design, digital publishing, new media | Chen's research is aimed at rethinking and re-covering digital books within a digital aesthetic that also promotes user-friendly dynamic design. She explored the digital publishing playground for visual communications designers and readers. Her exhibition demonstrated the potential of dynamic interfaces of digital book design.


Fahinaz Ferdous

typography, culture, history | Ferdous' MFA exhibition showcased a set of typefaces inspired by her roots and culture. She designed Bengali letterform in response to significant stages in the history of Bangladesh. Her designs are a graphic translation of historic imagery and were titled beyond letters.


Matias Ferrari

design, typography, political campaigns, persuasion | Matias’ research explored typefaces as one visual communication element capable of creating, modifying, or eliminating attitudes towards political candidates by influencing how the candidate’s persona is perceived by voters. His exhibition combined history, information, and the actual experience of voting for a fictional candidate based on the typefaces displaying the name.


Hai Ri Han

motion graphics, craft-digital hybrid design, storytelling | Han's project employed traditional hand-crafted skills with modern digital technology to provide aesthetic experiences through visual storytelling in both the areas of the artist book and motion graphics. Ultimately, she examined the poetic atmosphere of visual storytelling in different media.


Joshua Lowen

design education, conceptual framework, skills | Lowen's research focused on design education. He explored the creation of a curriculum centered on the longevity of a designer’s career opportunities. Through his research, he identified possible solutions to integrate longstanding skills into current design curricula.


Yvette Perullo

sustainable design, ecology, web | Throughout her research, Perullo explored sustainable solutions to the design process. She studied the formation of work that does no ecological harm, but also fosters positive social change, cultural well-being, a thriving economy, and a healthy planet. She researched the marriage of sustainability and communications design.

Yvette Perullo

Jun Bum Shin

branding, interaction, new media | Shin explored the implications of contemporary brand identity. His research aimed to investigate and develop interactive communication methods in brand identities to produce an active participation from audience members.


Yaman Terzioglu

video-game, immersion, new media | Terzioglu investigated the impacting immersion elements in video games from a visual and time-based media standpoint. He studied how producers of video games form a strong immersive structure and its relevance to the development of a successful video game. He explored Space Simulation Genre to create a model applicable to other genres.

Yaman Terzioglu

Onur Fatih Yazicigil

typography design | history | Yazicigil studied the historic evolution of humanist and grotesque types through a comparison investigation to clarify which sanserif types are more efficient and comfortable when reading continuous running text. The research used a survey of librarians and editors to identify their preference between humanist and grotesque types to clarify the use of sansserif types. His final project was the design of his own typeface.

Onur Yazicigil