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Hands-on Printmaking

Print tools

The Galleries periodic printmaking exhibits feature hands-on relief printing demonstrations and presentations on the history and development of printmaking for the regional K-12 educational community and community groups.

The Purdue Galleries have employed this activity successfully for several years with class visits and on-site presentations. Pre-carved relief blocks of luann plywood can be inked and printed with water soluble ink in basic colors and washed clean in the sink to be used again. Prints are assembled from overprinting multiple blocks, either in light to dark order (yellow, red, blue, black) or in any order the student wishes to explore. (They usually come up with very intriguing options on their own.)

The activity allows students to explore color blending and layering, the use of varied marks (organic/curvilinear or straight/rectilinear), repetitive patterning, and aesthetic decision-making in the context of an engaging personal exercise.

The activity can be accomplished with a group of 15 to 20 students in 30 - 45 minutes. Longer sessions allow students to attempt more varied options and can allow for larger scale group projects.

To schedule a printmaking visit to the Galleries or to a classroom or community center, please contact Craig Martin at 765-494-3061 or