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Tessellated by Samantha Holmes and Jaclyn Head

January 8 through February 17, 2018

Ringel Gallery, Stewart Center

Inspired by mosaics and tessellated patterns, US-based artists Samantha Holmes and Jackie Head are paired in this exhibition to provide a look at how ancient practices continue to inform contemporary art.

Jackie Head (IN) works in slip cast tiles to create site-specific installations. Penrose tiling and tessellated patterns are at the root of her work. Head’s installations alter the interior environment through the subtlety found in the repetition of handmade elements.

Trained as a mosaicist in the Byzantine tradition, Samantha Holmes (NY) recontextualizes sacred forms and materials to explore the disparity between certainties of ideology and the fractured nature of contemporary living. She employs patterns and symbols sourced from religion, science, and art history to call into question underlying assumptions of the world around us.

Join us at 5:30PM on Thursday, January 11, 2018, for an opening reception with comments by the curator.