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BA in Music

Music is both an essential human activity that people use to express who they are and a growing multi-billion-dollar industry. Students in the BA in Music at Purdue University-West Lafayette can participate in and earn credit for a variety of music-making activities, ensembles, and performance opportunities at our university and in the surrounding community. They will also develop a broad understanding of musical genres, styles, musical contexts and meaning. Like other liberal arts majors, our music major encourages students to build skills identified as contributing to professional success: communicating and listening, creative/critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to make connections across complex ideas.

Our department is particularly attuned toward encouraging degree combinations that fit with twenty-first century musical life and careers, for example:


Music and Computer Science–composition, sound design, music production

Music and Business–Music company (distribution, instruments, tech), management

Music and Theatre–performance, sound design, etc.

Music and Hospitality/Tourism Management–entertainment industry, tour management


Internships, Pre-professional Training, Experiential Learning and Mentorship

An undergraduate degree in Music at Purdue includes opportunities for internships, pre-professional training, experiential learning, and mentorship. These applied experiences augment degree coursework, giving our students a diverse set of skills and connections that can lead to further employment. Talk to advisors or music faculty about these opportunities.

 Auditions and Interviews

See  information under Auditions and Interviews 

For further information, please contact the main office at or 765.494.3708.

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