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Music Theory Placement Exams

Students who have no previous music theory study and who cannot read music should take MUS 26100, Fundamentals of Music. If you play an instrument and have had some music theory training, you should enroll in MUS 13200, Music Theory I. Transfer students and those who have significant theory study may decide to be placed in MUS 13300, Music Theory II or MUS 23200, Music Theory III. For additional information, contact

If you are not sure what level is right for you, please follow the link below and take the assessment quiz. Upon review, a faculty member will reach out with their recommendation of what course you should plan to enroll in.

Please contact Nichole Eberle at 765-494-3708 to schedule and take an exam to be placed in one of the sections below.

For Placement in MUS 13300, Music Theory II


For Placement in MUS 23200, Music Theory III