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School of Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

African American Studies

Fall 2022

AAS 27100-007  Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 27100-008  Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 27700-001  African American Popular Culture
AAS 37000-001  Black Women Rising
AAS 37100-001  Black Leisure and Recreation
AAS 37300-001  The Black Community
AAS 49100-001  Black Civil Rights Movement

American Studies

Fall 2022

AMST 10100-004  America and the World
AMST 10100-005  America and the World
AMST 10100-006  America and the World
AMST 20100-001  Interpreting America
AMST 20100-002  Interpreting America
AMST 20100-004  Interpreting America
AMST 20100-005  Interpreting America
AMST 30100-034  Introduction to Asian American Studies
AMST 30100-035  New Media
AMST 30100-036  American Music Pol Image
AMST 30100-039  Food in Modern America
AMST 32000-001  Understanding the NFL
AMST 32500-001 Sports, Technology, and Innovation
AMST 60100-001  Introduction to American Studies
AMST 65000-001  Visual Theory & Culture
AMST 65000-002  Feminist Theory

Asian American Studies

Fall 2022

ASAM 24000-005  Introduction to Asian American Studies
ASAM 34000-002  American Music Pol Image

Comparative Literature

Fall 2022

CMPL 23000-003  Arab-American Literature
CMPL 23000-004  The Tragic Vision
CMPL 26600-001  World Literature: From the Beginnings to 1700 AD

Critical Disability Studies

Fall 2022

CDIS 23900-001  Introduction to Disability Studies 



Jewish Studies

FALL 2022

JWST 59000-001  Directed Readings in Jewish Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies

FALL 2022

LALS 30100-001  Hispanic Literature I
LALS 30300-001  Structural Spanish I
LALS 30300-002  Structural Spanish I
LALS 40100-001  Latin American Civilization


FALL 2022

LING 20100-027  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 20100-028  Introduction to Linguistics   
LING 20100-029  Introduction to Linguistics   
LING 20100-030  Introduction to Linguistics   
LING 20100-031  Introduction to Linguistics   
LING 31100-003  Fundamentals of Phonology and Morphology
LING 32100-001  Foundations of Syntax and Semantics
LING 50000-001  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 51100-001  Phonology I:  Descriptive Analysis
LING 52100-002  Syntax I:  Syntactic Analysis
LING 53100-001  Semantics I:  Lexical and Sentential Semantics
LING 59400-001  History of Russian Language
LING 59800-002  Anthropological Linguistics
LING 59800-009  English Second Language/Theoretical Foundations
LING 59800-011  Teaching Linguistics Pedagogy
LING 59800-012  Theories for Language Acquisition
LING 59800-013  Indo-Euro Language Family
LING 59800-014  Experimental Syntax

Religious Studies

FALL 2022

REL 20100-001  Interpretation of The New Testament
REL 20200-001  Interpretation of The Old Testament
REL 20300-001  Theology of Paul
REL 23000-001  Religions of the East
REL 23100-001  Religions of the West
REL 31700-001  Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
REL 35100-001  Christian Mysticism
REL 49100-001  Rhetorics of Religion

Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

FALL 2022

WGSS 28000-016  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 28000-018  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies  
WGSS 28000-019  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 28000-020  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 28000-023  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 28000-024  Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 28200-004  Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WGSS 38000-001  Comparative Studies in Gender and Culture
WGSS 38100-001  Women of Color in the United States
WGSS 39000-001  Understanding the NFL
WGSS 49200-001  Practicum in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 38000-002  Feminist Theory
WGSS 68100-001  Gender & Culture Science Education