School of Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

African American Studies


AAS 27100-001  Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 27100-002  Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 37100-001  Black Politics 
AAS 37300-001  History of Injustice in the United States
AAS 37600-001  The Black Male 
AAS 47300-001  Black in Hollywood Film
AAS 47300-002  Black in Hollywood Film

American Studies


Spring 2022

AMST 10100-001  America and the World
AMST 10100-002  America and the World
AMST 10100-004  America and the World
AMST 20100-002  Interpreting America
AMST 20100-004  Interpreting America
AMST 30100-024  Introduction to Asian American Studies
AMST 30100-025  Asian American Popular Culture
AMST 30100-027  Sport and Popular Feminisms
AMST 30100-028  Perspectives on America
AMST 60300-001  American Studies Interdisciplinary Project
AMST 65000-034  Electronic & Time-Based art
AMST 65000-036  Comparative Race, Ethnicity and Difference

Asian American Studies

Spring 2022

ASAM 24000-002  Introduction to Asian American Studies
ASAM 34000-002  Asian American Popular Culture

Comparative Literature

CMPL 23000-004  Introduction to Islamic Civ & Cul
CMPL 26700-004  World Literature from 1700AD to the Present
CMPL 65000-001  
Cultural Intersections Global South

Critical Disability Studies

Spring 2022

ANTH 21000-001  Technology and Culture
ANTH 34000-001  Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 34000-003  Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 34000-004  Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 34000-005  Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 34000-006  Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 38400-002  Designing Technology for People: Anthropological Approaches
ANTH 38400-004  Designing Technology for People: Anthropological Approaches
ENGL 43900-002  Bodies & Cultures
IE       49000-004  Grand Challenges in Accessibility

Film Video Studies


FVS 26100-001 Foundations of Cinema Production
FVS 29000-001 Women in Film LC
FVS 29000-002 International Cinema (Lecture)
FVS 33200-001 Live Events Video Production
FVS 33200-002 Live Events Video Production
FVS 33400-001  Cinematography and Videography
FVS 33600-001 Screenwriting 
FVS 33700-002 Editing I
FVS 44200-001 Directing the Narrative Short Film 
FVS 44200-002 Directing the Narrative Short Film (Lab) 
FVS 45000-003 Internship in Film/Video/Media Production 
FVS 49100-002 Spirit of Italian Comedy
FVS 49100-004  Feminist Perspectives on Film & Camera
FVS 49100-005  Jewish Cinema (Lab)
FVS 49100-006  Jewish Cinema



IDIS 20100-001  Introduction to Digital Humanities
IDIS 49100-007  Introduction to Islamic Civ & Culture
IDIS 49100-008  Jewish Cinema
IDIS 49100-009  Jewish Cinema
IDIS 49100-010  Pract in Asiam American Studies
IDIS 59000-001  Philosophy & Lit Theory

Jewish Studies


JWST 33000-001  Introduction to Jewish Studies 
JWST 59000-001  Directed Readings in Jewish Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies

 SPRING 2022

LALS 250-001  Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies 
LALS 401-001  Latina Feminisms



LING 20100-012  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 20100-018  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 20100-019  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 20100-020  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 20100-021  Introduction to Linguistics 
LING 31100-001  Fundamentals of Phonology and Morphology 
LING 31500-001  Elements of Phonetics 
LING 32100-001  Foundations of Syntax and Semantics  
LING 39800-003  Inventing Languages 
LING 39800-004  Language & Society  
LING 52200-001  Syntax II: Issues in Syntax 
LING 53200-002  Semantics II:  Formal and Grammatical Semantics
LING 54100-001  Historical Linguistics and Language Change
LING 59800-002  Sociolinguistics
LING 59800-006  Struc Russian II
LING 59800-007  IT Apps in Language Instruction
LING 59800-009  Research Methods
LING 59800-010  Introduction to Pragmatics
LING 68900-003  Language and Code-Switching
LING 68900-004  Natural Language Process
LING 68900-005  Individual Differences in SLA 

Religious Studies


REL 20000-001  Introduction to the Study of Religion
REL 23000-001  Religions of the East
REL 23100-001  Religiions of the West
REL 31800-001  The Bible and It's Early Interpreters
REL 45100-001  Christology

Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies


WGSS 28000-001  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: An Introduction 
WGSS 28000-002  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: An Introduction 
WGSS 28000-003  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: An Introduction 
WGSS 28000-004  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: An Introduction 
WGSS 28000-005  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: An Introduction 
WGSS 28100-002  Introduction to Study of Religion
WGSS 28200-002  Introduction to LGBT Studies
WGSS 39000-003  Women and Leadership 
WGSS 39000-006  US Women Since 1870 
WGSS 39000-009  Women and the Law 
WGSS 39000-011  Sports & Popular Feminism
WGSS 39000-012  Hist of Sexual Regul in United States
WGSS 39000-013  Feminist Technoscience Studies
WGSS 39000-014  Latina Feminisms
WGSS 48000-001  Feminist Theory
WGSS 48200-SC1  Indterdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality: Scholarship on Lesbian and Gay Issues
WGSS 48500-001  Feminist Perspectives on Film and Cinema and Visual Culture
WGSS 49200-001  Practicum in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 6800-001  Race Class and Gender
WGSS 68000-002  Feminist Theory
WGSS 68100-001  Cultural Intersection Global South

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