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Students on the Market

Robert Frase


Ph.D. Expected:  2022


Dissertation Title: Adult Children's Education and Mother's Health: Exploring Instrumental Support, Emotional Support, and Adult Children's Problems as Underlying Mechanism

Dissertation Committee:  J. Jill Suitor (Co-Chair), Shawn Bauldry (Co-Chair), Patricia Thomas, and Megan Gilligan

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Health Inequalities, and Quantitative Methods

Teaching Interests: Introduction to Sociology, Social Problem, Medical Sociology, Statistics

Yifei Hou


Ph.D.: Spring 2022


Dissertation Title: Intergenerational Transmission of Interpersonal Relationships in Adulthood: Patterns and Consequences on Well-Being Within Families

Dissertation Committee:  J. Jill Suitor (Chair, Distinguished Professor), Shawn Bauldry, Danielle Kane, and Megan Gilligan

Research Interests: Family Relationships and Well-Being; Aging and the Life Course; Caregiving; Two (Three)-Child Policy and Parental Differential Treatment; Gender; Comparative Perspectives; Quantitative Methods; Mixed-Methods  

Teaching Interests: Social Gerontology; Sociology of the Family; Medical Sociology; Social Psychology; Social Network; Social Problems; Sociological Theories; Social Research Method s


Brian McPhail


Ph.D.:  Spring 2022


Dissertation Title: The Ecological Effects of Religion on Health and Mortality in China

Dissertation Committee: Fenggang Yang (Chair), Shawn Bauldry, Christopher G. Ellison, Daniel V.A. Olson

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Religion, Health Inequalities, East Asia, Quantitative Methods

Teaching Interests: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Health, Sociology of Religion, Quantitative Methods

Elle Rochford

Ph.D.: Summer 2022



Current Position: Post-Doctural Research Associate at the University of Delaware Center for the Study and Prevention of Gender-base Violence

Dissertation Title: Troubled Pasts and Filtered Futures: Framing Solidarity, Rights, and Threats across Racial Lines in the Reproductive Justice Movement

Dissertation Committee: Rachel Einwohner (Chair), Robin Stryker, Trenton Mize, Jean Beaman (UCSB)

Research Interests: Social Movements, Race/Ethnicity, Law & Society, Digital Sociology

Teaching Interests: Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Deviance and Social Control

Callie Zaborenko


Ph.D. Expected: 2022


Dissertation Title:

Dissertation Committee: 

Research Interests: 

Teaching Interests: