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Lamb School Mentor Program

With over 50 Lamb School alumni and counting, our mentor program pairs seniors with alumni who have similar interests and skills. The program gives seniors a chance to gain practical career advice, resume help, and so much more. Plus, the program allows our alumni to remain connected to the Lamb School. The pairs will form a lasting connection in more ways than one.

Our mentor program includes:

  • monthly meetings with pre-determined topics between mentors and mentees

  • monthly meetings between mentees to talk about what they have learned from their mentors

  • access to a Slack channel for individual and group communication

  • networking events each semester for all involved 

  • instant opportunities for alums to connect with one another and for students to engage with professionals at the top of their field

Interested in joining?

To join the Lamb School Mentor Program, alumni and incoming seniors can use the buttons below to fill out a form. From there, alumni and seniors will be paired for a full academic year partnership.

Zoom Call

Learn more

For more information about the Lamb School Mentor Program, reach out to Christi Eden, Director of Co-curricular Engagement.