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Bradley Dilger

Promoted to Professor

Department of English

Bradley Dilger completed a Ph.D., master’s and a bachelor’s degrees in English at the University of Florida. He joined the Purdue faculty in 2014.

His work is in composition and rhetoric, studying writing transfer, writing and networks, and writing programs. Dilger’s research is truly interdisciplinary and inter-institutional as it meaningfully integrates undergraduate and graduate students and has broad relevance for teaching and mentoring.

Dilger’s research has informed his teaching by helping him prioritize transfer of writing-related skills and knowledge. He teaches undergraduate courses in professional writing and composition and graduate courses in rhetoric and composition including specialized courses in writing program administration and empirical research methods.

Dilger served as Director of Introductory Composition at Purdue (ICaP) for four years. In March 2020, he led the move to emergency remote teaching, coordinating efforts across the Department of English to build and deliver resources for instructors adapting to remote teaching and new courseware. The materials generated by this effort were used across the College of Liberal Arts.