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Policies and Memos

In 1987, the University Senate adopted a policy to ensure that English language proficiency would not be an obstacle in communication between international teaching assistants/instructors and their undergraduate students.

The Purdue University policy on oral English proficiency for international students employed as graduate assistant instructors states:

"Purdue University benefits from the knowledge and talents of international graduate assistants/instructors in many of its instructional programs. These persons, typically the most accomplished graduates of their home countries, bring an essential diversity of culture to the campus and thus enrich our total academic environment. These benefits cannot be realized, however, if there is a language barrier between instructors and student."

"Purdue University requires, therefore, that any person whose first language is not English, and who holds or is a candidate for appointment as a graduate teaching assistant, demonstrate adequate English proficiency before being assigned duties involving direct instruction of students."

The Oral English Proficiency Program (OEPP):

  • Certifies the oral English proficiency of ITAs whose first language is not English;
  • Provides oral English proficiency screening services to all departments employing international teaching assistants whose first language is not English;
  • Offers English as a second language instruction to prospective TAs; and
  • Monitors departmental compliance with University policy through payroll verification.

Below are links to policy documents relevant to the OEPP.