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OEPT Retest Policy

If a student does not meet the required score for certification by OEPT (at least 50), the preferred option for those who score 45 or 40 is to be enrolled in ENGL 620, Classroom Communication for International Teaching Assistants. Students who complete this course consistently report improvements in their English communication skills that positively affect their work as teaching assistants, their graduate studies, and their professional development. Click here for information about enrolling in ENGL 620.

Students who score 45 on the OEPT may retest after 6 months, if they feel they can improve their score. Only departmental liaisons can request a retest; the OEPP does not accept retest requests from students.

Students who score 40 on the OEPT may be enrolled in ENGL 620 at the request of their department. Those who are not enrolled in ENGL 620 may retake the OEPT after one year if they feel they can improve their score.

Students who score 35 on the OEPT may retest after one year if they feel they can improve their score. They are not eligible to enroll in ENGL 620 – a score of at least 40 on the OEPT is required.

Students may not be registered for both the OEPT and the ENGL 620 course concurrently.

Students who took ENGL 620 and were not certified at the end of the semester should take the course again in order to be certified. Students may not retake the OEPT test once they have taken the ENGL 620 course.

Students who score 35, 40 or 45 on the OEPT are encouraged to consider PLaCE Short Courses and other options listed in Resources in ESL for ways to work on improving their oral English before retaking the OEPT.