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Register a Student for the Oral English Proficiency Test

Departments are responsible for registering students for the Oral English Proficiency Test (OEPT). The OEPP does not accept test registrations directly from students.

Click here to see the current schedule of OEPT dates, times and locations.

Click here to view or download our brochure on preparing for the OEPT.

Use the test registration form to register a student for the OEPT. Email the completed form to

Please note:

  • Only students who have been formally admitted to the Purdue Graduate School are eligible to take the test. A valid Purdue ID number is required.
  • Please do not schedule students to take the test within 48 hours of their arrival in the country.
  • Registrations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. The OEPP cannot accommodate walk-ins for the OEPT.
  • The OEPP does not communicate directly with students regarding the test. Please make sure that your students are aware of the following information, and that you confirm the test time and location with your students.

Information for students taking the OEPT

Please note: It is very important that you take the OEPT practice test and tutorial.

  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early for the test, and wait outside the testing lab until asked to enter.
  • Be aware that several students will be in the computer lab taking the test at the same time. While every effort is made to leave space between students, in some cases you may hear other test-takers as they record their responses. Please remember to speak at a normal volume while taking the test.