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Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange

Fostering international leaps at Purdue since 2014

News and Events Program Summary 23-24 Short Courses for English Language
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Purdue University is a top destination for international students. The Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE) program supports international students and internationalization efforts at the university by providing a strong instructional and assessment program. Our focus is helping international students develop the academic, linguistic and cultural competencies needed to participate in university life and to compete for graduate school and employment opportunities. PLaCE works in these areas:

Foundational Courses

Credit-bearing sequence of courses (110 & 111) for qualifying first-year international students, designed to help them successfully bridge to their studies and experiences at Purdue.

Short Courses

Non-credit options for undergraduate and graduate international students, offered as Language Classes, Practicums, Conversation Clubs, and Workshops, on a wide range of language skills and communication topics. 

Language Testing and Program Evaluation

Assessment of proficiency development and teaching effectiveness through the ACE-In test, PLaCE’s local test of English language proficiency, and other assessments and evaluation practices.

Campus Partnerships and Outreach

Internationalization-at-home initiatives, self-funded English language programs, and international collaborations.