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College of Liberal Arts Dean's Graduate Fellowship Program

The Dean’s Graduate Fellowship program is designed to elevate research and creative endeavor in the College of Liberal Arts. The graduate fellows are expected to contribute to the strategic effort of the College to support excellence in research at all levels. These high-level, highly-competitive graduate fellowships recruit top-flight graduate students to work alongside - and in support of - faculty whose scholarship will elevate the research profile of the College and contribute to important campus AAU metrics.


  • Stipend of $38,000 per year (AY) for 6 years 
  • Three years of fellowship (no work commitment) and 3 years of GA (RA/TA) 
  • $5,000 per year for travel and research support

Recruitment and eligibility

GRE scores are strongly encouraged, and successful candidates typically score in the 90th percentile or higher. In addition, successful candidates demonstrate evidence of exceptional qualifications and prospects for a steady and early stream of publications and engagement with the research community that may lead to AAU professorial careers. Prior work with leading researchers, labs, or projects with tangible outcomes is expected. 

Departments must submit extra-mural grants totaling least $750,000 over a three-year rolling period to be able to nominate students to the competition. Five candidates will be selected yearly by the Dean based on proposals submitted by CLA Department Heads.


By February 5, the qualifying departments should indicate in the spreadsheet containing the names of all the candidates for admission for that cycle one or two candidates suitable for the Dean's fellowship (See Email communication re: spreadsheet). If approved, the candidacies may be submitted via Infoready (link pending), which should include the graduate application file in pdf format, including a CV, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and GRE score. A two-page candidacy justification signed by the graduate director and the department head should also be attached. The justification should explain how the chosen topic of study, research potential, prior research record, and special individual characteristics (work ethic, maturity, dedication to research) anticipate future success that may justify the award.


As soon as the Dean's Office recommends the submission via InfoReady. The CLA departments are encouraged to recruit broadly and directly for the program, advertising its scope, goals, and support mechanisms.

For administrative details, please contact Mike Hicks, CLA Grants Coordinator at For broader, programmatic questions, contact Dr. Sorin Adam Matei, CLA Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education, at