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Paris Global Scholarship Initiative 

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to expanding the opportunities for research and graduate education for all its aspiring, emerging, and established scholars. In collaboration with European scholars, politicians, communicators, and policy experts, the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies has designed and launched the Global Scholarship Initiative in Paris, France. Supported by the American Graduate School in Paris, by the nationally funded Laboratory of Excellence in Media Industries, by experts from leading political and communication organizations in Europe, the initiative is dedicated to three goals.

  1. Create cross-disciplinary and international research and educational experiences. The initiative will combine multiple organizations, American, French, or other European Union nations, dedicated to understanding issues of great urgency in the interconnected world. Faculty and graduate students will have the opportunity to work abroad and to generate new scholarship.
  2. The second goal is to sustain graduate education programs. Purdue University students in the Online Master program of strategic communication have multiple opportunities to study in Europe under the supervision of American and European Scholars. One of them is the annually offered Global Communication, Policy, and Leadership Seminar organized with experts from leading media, policy, and business organizations in Europe.
  3. Third, the initiative aims to connect research centers and institutions to create new forms of international cooperation in strategic thinking, grand strategy, and foreign policy. An annual conference, starting with the first meeting in May 2019 in Washington, DC, brings this idea to life. The 2019 conference, co-organized with the International Communication Association, was dedicated to balancing regulatory concerns with freedom of speech and content diversity. An international edited volume will be published in 2020.

The initiative supports research in the following areas:

  • Socio-Technical Studies:
    • Internet socio-technological challenges: technical principles and social choices
    • Business regulation and business practices
    • The economics of new media
    • The social transformation of the global society: organizations and movements
    • Ethics and philosophy of global knowledge production
  • Politics and Policy
    • Social media, campaigns, influence, and deception
    • Media diversity and pluralism
    • Regulation and governance: who, in the name of whom, and to what end
    • Freedom of expression and cultural priorities, privacy and human rights
  • International Relations, Grand Strategy, and Technology
    • War, hot and cold, in a world of shrinking borders
    • Global Forces in Historical Context
  •  Cultural Landscapes of Globalization
    • Cultural industries, cultural change, and artistic movements
    • Languages and culture at the intersection of technology and media
    • Digital Humanities across borders

New areas of interest will be added as the College of Liberal Arts departments, and scholars propose new areas of scholarship. The initiative will organize annual meetings, seminars, and will support graduate initiatives in Paris and Europe. We also accept proposals for courses, collaborative research projects, and scholarly conferences. For more information, contact the Associate Dean of Research, Sorin Adam Matei, at,   765-494-3666.