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Faculty Resources

The CLA Career Center’s “Don’t Cancel Class” initiative is designed to provide a front-and-center career services curriculum in the classroom if a professor must be away from class due to professional obligations, conferences, or administrative responsibilities.

Available Topics

Career Services Overview - Outlines the services offered by the CLA Career Center and Purdue University community that students can and should take advantage of.

The Job and Internship Search - An overview and breakdown of the job and internship search process.

Alumni Spotlight - CLA alumni presentations are valuable opportunities for students to see their degree in action in the real world after college. 

The CLA Career Center Four Year Plan - The CLA Career Center’s Four Year Plan helps students design their college experience to prepare them for success after Purdue.

Establishing a Personal Brand – Learn how to create a personal brand to express and communicate your skills, strengths, personality, personal development, and values.

Professionalism 101 - Overviews some of the basic (but essential) components of professionalism, whether for internships, campus leadership positions, or opportunities beyond.

Networking - The how’s and why’s of networking, both for career exploration as well as jobs and internships. Included is information on how to effectively find and connect with individuals on LinkedIn and through the Purdue Ties alumni network.

To request a presentation, please fill out this request form. We ask that presentations be requested no less than 5 business days (15 business days for alumni presentations) before the course date and are subject to staff/alumni availability.