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Allison York

2022 Graduate

Major: Communication
Minor: Dance

Allison York

My name is Allison York. I’m from Crown Point, Indiana which is about an hour drive too Chicago. studied Communications with a concentration in mass media and a minor in dance. I chose Purdue because no other campus felt like home the way Purdue did.

For the longest time I was convinced that I would never go to an In-State school but after touring and being here no other school felt right. I had toured many different schools and never got that feeling but the minute I stepped onto campus I felt a sense of belonging. My favorite place on campus is by the engineering fountain. It is so peaceful and pretty and when it is warm out it is nice to sit outside and study around there.

The reason why I love CLA so much is because it is tight knit and it is super easy to relate to everyone in the program. I have been able to ask questions and relate with my fellow classmates on the similar struggles we go through with classes and come up with solutions for them. Also being able to talk to your professors and ask questions is easier because of the smaller class sizes. I have been able to talk to my professors and TA’s and build relationships with them to make it easier to succeed at Purdue.

At the end of every week the Lamb Schools sends end of the week Good News RoundUps to all students in the Lamb school. It keeps me super up to date with what my fellow peers are accomplishing while at school. This is another reason why I love this school. You really feel like a small community celebrating everybody's wins. Purdue also makes sure that you are aware of upcoming events like career fairs, club callouts, and etc. These emails and reminders are a lifesaver for me. They keep me in the loop and help me for my future endeavors.

Some stuff I am involved in on campus is X-works which is a dance club. X-works is a student run club where they have a concert at the end of every semester. I love being in this club because I am able to keep up with my dancing and bound with people who have a love and passion for dance like I do.

Some advice that I have for incoming freshmen is that it is okay to be nervous and scared. This is a new and exciting chapter of your life. You will find your way and even though it is big at times you can make this campus as small or as large as you would like too. Trust the process and embrace the new changes that are coming your way. I am so happy with the choice I made when deciding to come to Purdue there is always an opportunity around the corner!