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Ari Casas

Major: Theatre Design and Production
Minors: Studio Art and Design, Latin American and Latino Studies 

Ari Casas

Hello! My name is Ari Casas, and I am from Munster, Indiana and I am majoring in Theatre Design and Production with minors in Studio Art and Design and Latin American and Latino Studies. Other than being a Dean's Ambassador, I currently serve as the Vice President of Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc. as well as the Vice President for the Multicultural Greek Council. I also work at the theatre department costume shop.

Fashion has been a part of my life for as long as I can possibly remember. As a toddler, I only ever wanted to play dress up with my dolls. In elementary, I wanted to design wedding dresses. As a freshman in high school, I joined the theatre company and realized that I wanted to pursue a career in costume design and technology. I chose to major in Theatre Design and Production because I knew it would give me the opportunities to explore the world of costuming in an exciting and engaging environment.

I also wanted a traditional college experience close to home. When originally looking at colleges, I thought I wanted to go to school in Chicago, but soon realized that the Windy City was not for me. Only an hour and a half away, as a university, Purdue provides me with a conventional feeling but an intimate feeling in the College of Liberal Arts. Small class sizes have aided in giving me more personal connections with faculty and classmates.


The College of Liberal Arts has many opportunities for growth and learning outside of the classroom. After a Theatre Department call out meeting, I was invited by the costume shop manager to visit. After expressing my goals for pursuing a career in costuming, I was given a position! I am so grateful and excited to be gaining such valuable experience early on in my college education. Every time I go into work, I learn something new, whether it is a new sewing technique or a learning about the design process. The manager and graduate students make coming in to work the best part of my day. Working in the costume shop has confirmed my passion for art and design, I know that the work I am doing is worth it. 

Out of all the schools I applied to Purdue was the most welcoming. I met students who made it feel like the campus could be my home away from home, and it is. The welcoming atmosphere is what I fell in love with and continue to love about Purdue.

My advice for prospective students is to not be afraid to change your mind. For years, I thought I wanted to attend a university in Chicago, but when I changed my mind it just felt right. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind, you know what feels right for you and what does not. Be confident in your decisions.