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Hope Zylstra

Major: Interior Design

Hope Zylstra

Hi! My name is Hope Zylstra and I am from DeMotte, Indiana and I am majoring in Interior Design and pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

When I was in high school, it was not easy for me to decide where to go or what to major in. I was also hesitant to choose a school that seemed to focus so much on science and technology majors. After visiting the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue, I was able to see just how strong the other programs are here at Purdue. An interior design student gave me a tour and I began to get excited about all of the opportunities that I would have if I chose to pursue interior design at Purdue. Ultimately, I chose this path because Purdue is a big, exciting school full of opportunities and I could tell that I would be fully equipped to go into the workforce after studying here.  Still, the College of Liberal Arts here at Purdue has surpassed my expectations.

The college of Liberal Arts is inspiring, challenging, and close.  I love walking through Pao Hall to get to class and seeing the work of upperclassmen because it is inspiring to see what they do. I am also challenged because I am constantly learning so many new things. My teachers give feedback about what I’m working on and encourage me to keep improving. Liberal Arts at Purdue also feels like a close community. The upperclassmen that I have met are encouraging and willing to give me advice. I have also been able to really get to know my classmates. I went to Purdue excited that it was a big school full of opportunities, and was surprised to find that I am still able to get to know so many amazing people within the college of Liberal Arts. It is a great learning environment and feels like home.


I am excited for the rest of my years here at Purdue and look forward to the opportunities to travel abroad, get internships, and continue to enjoy campus. There are so many cool ways to get involved, build relationships, and try new things. I love going to the Co-Rec on campus and meeting friends for Starbucks and Greyhouse coffee. I have also felt blessed to find little communities by getting involved in American Society of Interior Design/ International Interior Design Society here at Purdue, the Dean’s Ambassadors Program, and small groups in my West Lafayette church home.

All of the opportunities both within the college of liberal arts and outside of it have given me an exciting year so far and allowed me to grow as a person and a student. I am super thankful for the community around me and would advise anyone unsure about their future plans to schedule a visit virtually or in person and learn more about everything you can do and become here at Purdue.