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Allie Foster

Majors: Anthropology, Professional Writing
Minors: Global Studies, Human Resource Management

Allie Foster

My name is Allie Foster. I’m from Lafayette, Indiana which makes Purdue relatively close to home. I'm studying Anthropology and Professional Writing with minors in Global Studies as well as Human Resource Management. I chose Purdue because I knew right after my first college visit that I was going to find the support that I needed to guide me through my college experience. Even though Purdue was close to home I wanted to ensure that I could still have the feel of finding my home away from home.

One of the many things that I love about being a College of Liberal Arts student here at Purdue is the tight-knit community. Because Purdue itself is such a large university and being a part of a smaller college within a large university helps draw you closer to your like-minded classmates and peers. Another aspect of being a student in the CLA that I love to point out are the smaller class sizes. I prefer to be in classrooms where open discussion and the flow of ideas occur and that can’t always happen in a lecture room of 400 students. Classes within the CLA are personal and smaller class sizes can really make a difference in your relationship with your peers, professor, and the course itself.

There is an abundance of activities, clubs, and organizations you can be a part of here at Purdue. I decided to join a campus sorority, which has helped me to branch out and meet new people, as well as make new connections that will last far longer than just my four year here.

Besides being a part of Greek life I am also a part of the Honors College at Purdue. The Honors College is a place for students to really push themselves and work with individuals that will put in the same effort. Through a class offered in connection to the Honors College, I have been able to participate in undergraduate research within my first semester at Purdue. I performed my own research on some of the faculty here at Purdue, and then I asked if I could assist them on any of their current research projects. This opportunity opened up a whole new world of knowledge, learning, and real-world connections.

My advice for prospective students is to follow your heart and pick the school where you know you'll thrive. College is one of the most exciting-yet-challenging times of your young adulthood and you want to be sure that the school you pick will be the best fit for you. Do your research, look at the thousands of clubs offered. See if they have classes you can take that will fuel your passion in the subjects that interest you. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It will be stressful and confusing, but when you find the school that's best for you, you’ll know. Purdue is my home, not so far, from home. I couldn’t be happier with the decision that I made and I hope that you will feel the same when it comes time to make your decision.