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Jenna Davis

2022 Graduate

Majors: English Education, Communication
Minor: Theatre

Jenna Davis

Hi everyone! I’m Jenna Davis, and I am graduating with a double major in English Education and General Communication with a minor in Theatre. I’m from Crawfordsville, Indiana (about half an hour’s drive south of West Lafayette), and my parents and many other family members are Purdue alumni, so Purdue sports, arts events, and educational initiatives have always figured prominently in my life. When I began my college search, I felt that I wanted a small, private school experience, but the combination of Purdue’s outstanding English department and in-state tuition were enough to convince me to become a Boilermaker. 

I began my academic experience here pursuing a major in English Education and a minor in Theatre because I was (and am) passionate about teaching young people to think critically and engage with new perspectives and forge connections through the performing arts. However, during the summer after my freshman year, I realized that the College of Liberal Arts’ academic structure allowed me the flexibility to add an additional major in General Communication while still graduating in four years. I decided that this course of study would best prepare me to teach public speaking and media studies while also giving me potential career options outside of teaching. My studies in English and communications intersect and reinforce each other and allow me to explore more of what the College of Liberal Arts offers students academically, and I have been able to create meaningful relationships with my classmates and faculty.  

Along with my studies, I have a part-time job as a barista at Greyhouse, a local coffee shop just off campus. I am also involved on the prayer and worship teams at Campus House, one of the Christian churches here at Purdue. I enjoy sharing my Purdue experience with others and working to make it a better place, so I am also a Dean’s Ambassador in the College of Liberal Arts and a Senator representing the Honors College in Purdue Student Government. While I like my coursework a lot, my real passion is people, and all of these activities give me opportunities to be with others and truly make Purdue my home!