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Catherine Nowak

2022 Graduate

Major: Philosophy

Minor: English

Catherine Nowak

Hey there! My name is Catherine Nowak. I graduated from the Degree in 3 track studying Philosophy with a minor in English. I am from Park Ridge, IL which is a suburb of Chicago. I plan on pursuing either Law School or a Master’s degree in Human Resources after graduation.

I chose my major because I was inspired by the philosophy classes I took in High School. My track coach and teacher in High School taught two philosophy classes, an Eastern Religions class as well as a general Introduction to Philosophy class. I enjoyed both a lot and realized it was a great way for my logical thinking mind to be creative as well as think about the deeper meaning to life. I decided to choose it as my major because I am very passionate about understanding and theorizing life.

I love that in the College of Liberal Arts, I was able to be part of a small community within a large sprawling campus. Going to large Big Ten schools can be an amazing experience but a bit intimidating as an out of state student. In the College of Liberal Arts, I was able to form connections and gain support from my peers and professors in all of my classes even online. I was involved in a sorority on campus, I volunteered at the OEPP (Oral English Proficiently Program), and I helped run a college comedy social media page.  Being part of a sorority was a great way for me to be a leader and become friends with my unique sorority sisters. I was able to become a Panhellenic Justice as well as help recruit new members, both of which helped me to develop more as a leader and gain more confidence. I enjoyed volunteering at the OEPP because I was able to listen to different International Graduate students give presentation in order to decide their level of English prophecy as potential professors. I loved how it has allowed me to be able to meet students of different cultures and hear lectures on fascinating topics. As a social media coordinator for the Purdue specific college comedy page I run, I was able to get in touch with my creative and comedic side. I have always been somewhat of a class clown and making people laugh is such a great feeling.

Some things I love most about Purdue are the vast variety of majors and classes, my inspiring peers and the warmth of the campus. As cheesy as all of those things may sound, I truly enjoyed and savored every moment I had at Purdue. I loved how I was able to take fascinating classes that helped me see the world differently with such well-studied professors. My peers were all different from me and I really enjoyed meeting people around campus. I loved how everyone had a passion for their future and for being a Boilermaker. Lastly, the campus makes me feel safe and is honestly stunning. I love to walk around campus just to feel a part of the ecosystem around me.

My advice for prospective students is to be honest with yourself. As you are walking around Purdue’s campus think about the great experiences you could have here. Keep in mind the things you want out of your college experience. Have an open mind and prioritize yourself and your needs. College has been one of the best experiences of my life and I hope it is for you as well. Boiler Up!