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Lauren Wolke

2022 Graduate

Majors: Philosophy, Accounting

Lauren Wolke

Hello, my name is Lauren Wolke. While at Purdue, I double majored in Accounting and Philosophy. I am from Noblesville, Indiana, so I live about an hour and 30 minutes away from Purdue.

Purdue has always been part of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, my family would take me on trips to Purdue to visit campus and participate in different events like the Bug Bowl. Then, when I was a sophomore in high school, I helped move my older brother into his dorm at Purdue. Thus, I’ve always been familiar with Purdue, but I don’t love Purdue for all the fond memories I have of it from when I was a child; I love Purdue for the memories I created here as a student. 

Unlike all of the schools I visited, Purdue really opened its doors to me. Whenever I had a difficult question to ask, there was always someone here with an answer. Plus, I knew I wanted to go to law school. Purdue’s dual-degree program offered me the ability to widen my horizons and study all the areas that interested me, helping me best prepare for my future in law school.

I chose to major in Accounting in the Krannert School of Management, because I loved how organized and structured the major is. Additionally, I’d always been interested in corporate law, so studying accounting provides a great background for that. Once I got to Purdue, I immediately added a Philosophy major onto my plan of studies. I really enjoyed the philosophy classes I attended in my first semester at Purdue, so I was eager to pursue philosophy as a major. It really is one of the most unique things to study at Purdue. The professors are so focused on student success and the class structure is very free. 

On campus, I was involved in a number of activities. Besides being a Dean’s Ambassador for the College of Liberal Arts, I was also involved in a number of clubs. I was the treasurer for Beta Alpha Psi, a business fraternity on campus. Also, I was the vice president of philanthropy for the Boiler Bakers club. Finally, I was a member of the Purdue Pre-Law Society. As you can tell, there was never a dull moment in my schedule, however, I truly did enjoy everything that I was involved in. Being a member of Beta Alpha Psi allowed me to network with a variety of companies and gain professional business experiences. The Purdue Pre-Law Society also allowed me to gain valuable networking opportunities with different law schools and attorneys. As for the Boiler Bakers club, it allowed me to meet a bunch of new people and learn how to bake a lot of new sweets. After a long week of studies, there was nothing I looked forward to more than getting together with the Boiler Bakers at the Purdue Union Bakery to bake something delicious.

Because of my involvement on campus and overall academic performance, I was able to score an internship with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance in Indianapolis for summer 2020. However, this internship is just one of the many things Purdue has allowed me to achieve. Being a Boilermaker really is a whole different experience. The Purdue community is so welcoming and willing to help you make your dreams a reality. My advice to future Purdue students is to get involved and never feel limited. Success is out there for you at Purdue University. With the right people and connections, anything is possible.