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Photo of the Purdue University campus.


Photo of David A. Reingold

David A. Reingold

Justin S. Morrill Dean

(765) 494-3664


Kristen Hunt

(765) 494-3661

Photo of Joel Ebarb

Joel Ebarb

Executive Associate Dean

(765) 494-0934


Carmen Morrow

(765) 496-5572

Photo of Lori Sparger

Lori Sparger

Chief Operating Officer

(765) 494-9314

Photo of Sorin Adam Matei

Sorin Adam Matei

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education

(765) 494-3665

Grants Coordinator

Michael Hicks

(765) 494-3666

Photo of Kirke Willing

Kirke Willing

Director of Financial Affairs

(765) 494-3655

Photo of Wei Hong

Wei Hong

Senior Associate Dean

(765) 494-3731


Kortney Hargrove

(765) 496-2370

Photo of Jess Maynard

Jess Maynard

Director, Information Technology

(765) 494-0123

Photo of David Williams

David M. Williams

Chief Development Officer

(765) 494-8341


Kenya Young