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Internships for History Students

Internships.  Career advisers recommend them, employers expect them, graduate programs value them, and student interns rave about them.  If you are willing to work for the experience, instead of for pay, your chances of securing an internship increase.  Paid internships are harder to come by.  Students may also receive credit for internships by enrolling in History 49900:  History Internship.  The credit and course requirements are arranged with the instructor.  A list of internships is below.  Students may also seek out internships on their own.  The Liberal Arts Career Development Office assists CLA students with all their career needs and is a wonderful resource for those seeking internships.  The office maintains an excellent selection of internet resources on internships.  Click here to search for internship opportunities at the Liberal Arts Career Center.  The Center for Career Opportunities also has information about internships here:  Find an Internship or Job

Internships to research include the following sites: