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Collaborative, Innovative Graduate Environment

Political Science is nested in a rich intellectual climate in a highly-ranked, innovative university with many opportunities to collaborate in interdisciplinary research programs and research centers with scholars across the university.

Mentoring and a sense of community are at the heart of our program. 

Students in our program form strong connections with faculty and peers leading to many opportunities for collaborative research. Students participate in our many department labs, present their work at our weekly research series, and engage with centers and institutes across campus. We offer regular professional training and engagement to prepare students for each step towards their academic or applied career path.

Students receive rigorous training in a wide range of research methods in the department and through workshops, coursework, and speakers in the cross-college initiative Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP). 

Students enjoy a great quality of life at Purdue where the cost-of-living is low, and the department community is welcoming and supportive. 

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We offer the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Science. Students without a Master's Degree in political science are welcome to apply and can receive the M.A. as part of the M.A./Ph.D. program with no added time to degree. We admit students only in the fall semester of each year, and the application deadline is December 15 each year