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Funding Opportunities

All admitted students are considered for financial assistance, and most students receive departmental funding, fellowships, or secure funding from other units on campus. This funding covers most of the costs of study in our department, plus a stipend for living expenses. 

Students who receive funding packages from the department are guaranteed up to five years of support provided they are making normal progress in the program. Departmental funding decisions are based upon academic merit, not financial need.


Additional funding opportunities

The department, college, and university also provide many funding opportunities for research support, conference travel, and summer methods programs. Students in our program typically receive conference travel funding from the department and can apply for additional funding through the college.

Our packages are competitive with other universities, and the cost of living in West Lafayette is lower than many other areas of the country. See information about the favorable cost of living compared to other universities.

In addition, Purdue's Graduate School website provides additional opportunities for fellowships and assistantships. The Graduate School offers many opportunities, resources, and strategies to assist graduate students in obtaining funding and supporting their research.