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Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Studio Arts and Technology exposes the student to a variety of artistic practices and ways of critical thinking with the goal to focus on an area of concentration in their junior/senior year. The reduced amount of credit hours in this BA program makes it possible for students to double major in another area of study at Purdue or select minors supporting their explorations in the arts.


Freshman & Sophomore Years

The freshman and sophomore experience in Studio Arts and Technology is focused on a sequence of foundational art and design and art history courses. Students are exposed to studio arts practices in a variety of media, histories and theories in the arts as well as critical thinking skills. The sophomore year concludes with a portfolio review in which the student receives constructive feedback on their work from a faculty committee as well as suggestions and guidance on their junior and senior semester courses. At this point students also propose a faculty advisor and an area of concentration within the major.

Junior & Senior Years

The junior and senior years in the Studio Arts and Technology major are dedicated to focused work in the student’s chosen area of concentration, in either of the three areas: 2D Extended Media; Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) or Crafts and Material Studies. Work in these classes is actively supported and enhanced by coursework in the other two areas allowing the student to make impactful connections across a broader range of artist media and ways of artistic expression and thinking. The senior year experience culminates in a senior exhibition/directed project through which the student demonstrates their individual contribution to contemporary culture.


ISA Senior Show 2021

The closing reception on Zoom for the Integrated Studio Arts seniors.  Their exhibition, “AMALGAMATION”, was on display in Rueff Galleries East & West from April 12 - April 30, 2021. Exhibition coordinator, Eli Craven , professor of photography, gives a tour of the  galleries and discusses the work. The artists were also present to comment.