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VCD Visiting Scholars

The Visual Communication Design program welcomes a variety of national and international visiting scholars. They enrich the cultural fabric of the program and expose our students to new perspectives and worldly ideas.


Jiang Li

Dr. Jiang Li is an associate professor at Beijing Normal University in China. He graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Dr. Li has a wide range of research interests, focusing on visual art design, design ecology research, and modern design development. He has published dozens of academic papers and 10 monographs and teaching materials. He has worked as an editor in many art and design magazines and actively participated in international academic seminars. He has participated in academic exchanges and delivered speeches in Seoul, New York, and other places.
Period: Spring 2022 – Spring 2023


VisitingSchollar_Huang Zhang

Huang Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate at Wuhan University of Technology. Her research investigates the visual design of American contemporary art environments. She received a master's degree from Wuhan University of Technology with a focus on app design and user interface. She has experience with brand design, packaging design, interface design, poster design, and creative product design. Her design works have won international awards including the East + West International Poster Biennale and the Daiqiang Jin Global Chinese Design Competition.
Period: Fall 2018 – Fall 2019


Zhizheng Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Design art & Media at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. His design and Scholarly works focus on user interface research and experience design. He works closely with users of different cultural backgrounds through various research projects.
Period: Fall 2018 – Fall 2019


Jing Yang is an Associate Professor in the College of Design at South China University of Technology. Her design and scholarly works are based on Chinese traditional culture, with a focus on branding and packaging design. She maintains close collaborations with businesses through various research programs to further her research and teaching.
Period: Fall 2018 – Fall 2019Period: Winter 2017 – Winter 2018


Hongyu Dong is an Associate Professor in the School of Art & Design at Beijing Institute of Technology. Her scholarly research and graphic design work focus on book design and illustration. Previously a visiting scholar at KOBE Design University in Japan, Prof. Dong has also participated in several cross-disciplinary projects. Her works have been shown in both national (China) and international exhibitions.
Period: Summer 2017 – Summer 2018