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Spirit Made Tangible: the Scheuring Icon Collection

Robert L. Ringel Gallery, PMU
October 23 through December 3, 2006

Images from Spirit Made Tangible: the Scheuring Icon Collection Images from Spirit Made Tangible: the Scheuring Icon Collection

The permanent collection of Purdue University Galleries is now home to one of the largest private Orthodox Christian icon collections in the country, thanks to a gift of 132 Russian and Ethiopian religious icons from Katherine “Betsy” Scheuring. Russian iconography combines theological, aesthetic and technical considerations into powerful and intimate objects of beauty and devotion. Mrs. Scheuring’s gift has made it possible for a wide audience to have access to these icons, whether they are spiritually inspired, curious to learn more about Russia’s political history, or captivated by their fine craftsmanship.

Russian Icon lecture
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Join us for a lecture by Purdue art historian David Parrish 5:30 pm in the East Faculty Lounge, Purdue Memorial Union, to be immediately followed by a reception in the Ringel Gallery. Parrish and a team of students recently completed research and narrative for the "Spirit Made Tangible" exhibition catalogue. He will share the results of their work and discuss the specialized nature of the devotional icon.

Sally Lavignette, Visiting Lecturer in Art & Design, will be presenting a pair of presentations entitled "Icons, Windows into Heaven and More" on November 12 and 19 at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, 300 W. Fowler Avenue, West Lafayette, Indiana. The sessions will run 10:00 to 10:45 am and all who are interested are welcome. For more information, please contact Rita Biederstedt, chair of the OSLC Arts Committee, at (765) 448-9811.