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Dried · Cracked · Wet · Dripping · Blooming

October 22 through December 2, 2007 
Stewart Center Gallery


Gick, an associate professor of Art & Design in Purdue’s Patti and Rusty Rueff Department of Visual and Performing Arts, has exhibited his interdisciplinary installations nationally and internationally.  Due to the significance and accomplishments of his work and the rare opportunities for the Lafayette-West Lafayette audience to experience it, Purdue Galleries is featuring several of his installations to highlight this faculty member and locally raised artist on his own campus and community.

His hybrid installations “explore the intersections between memory, the body, our emotions, and the sensory experience that we share with the natural environment, attempting to expose the fertility and futility of human communications.”  Works like “Water Witching” (in which the artist appears as a source of water over a parched table of mud and glass containers) and “Flowers from the Mouth” (in which a succession of flowers are produced from the artist’s mouth) metaphorically represent the complexities of language and communication.  Each involves a physical production of objects in the place of words.