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Una Herencia Mexicana: Mexican Modernist art from the collections of Purdue University Galleries and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

May 16 through August 22, 2008
Art Museum of Greater Lafayette


Mexican artists in the U.S. had a huge impact on art of the 1920’s through the 1950’s throughout the Americas. They sought to affirm a public art of social commitment and offer an alternative to both the European avant-garde abstraction of the time and the growing sense of isolation and alienation that many felt in this country. The Mexican Modernists supplied the impetus for public support of U.S. artists through various New Deal projects.

This exhibition presents paintings, drawings and prints by important artists of the Mexican Modernist movement, from the collections of the Purdue University Galleries and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Both institutions were the beneficiaries of a generous bequest of these artworks from Edward Stowe Akeley and Anna Akeley, longtime supporters of the arts and residents of Greater Lafayette.

Sponsored by Eli Lilly, Tippecanoe Labs