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Frequently Asked Faculty Questions

What are the main differences between Dammon and Wilke?
  Dammon Wilke
# of Student Researchers 1 per project up to 3 per project
Project length minimum 4 semesters 2 semesters
Project length maximum 7 semesters 5 semesters
Faculty Stipend per semester $750 $500
Available for incoming first year students No Yes

What are the project requirements?

  • Learning outcomes/ written goals for the student participants.
  • A clear research component. These undergraduate researchers are not hourly employees.

Where do I submit my project?

  • All projects will be submitted in OURConnect, an application website hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

What happens after I submit my project?

  • Projects will be reviewed and submissions will be ranked on the following (15 total possible points):
    • Meets department/ college/ university strategic priorities
    • Quality of research experience for student partner. (quality of research skill training, level of responsibility, sense of ownership, ability to disseminate results, quality of mentorship plan)
    • Community impact/ engagement
  • If approved, you will begin to recruit students to apply. The approval of projects and initial review of student applications will be completed within 3 days of submission.
What are the additional responsibilities for faculty mentors?
  • Mentoring through all stages of the research process including development of the research question
  • Assisting with poster creation/ oral presentation planning
  • Providing feedback to the student as the project continues
  • Annual review of the learning contract

Do I need to have the same students each semester?

  • No. Ideally students will participate multiple semesters but we understand that is not always possible. If you have a student who is only participating one semester, they will still have a presentation or project summary required to receive their scholarship.

Can I have a Dammon and Wilke project at the same time?

  • You may have both a Dammon and a Wilke project at the same time. The Dammon scholars are expected to have a higher level of responsibility with the hope to act as research mentors as they continue to work on the project. Ideally Wilke researchers who want to continue throughout their academic career can be recruited into a Dammon position after 1 or 2 semesters in their Wilke role.

I have additional questions, who do I contact?