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Carly Smith

2022 Graduate

Major: Anthropology & Educational Studies (College of Ed.)
Minors: American Studies, Asian American Studies, Global Studies, Linguistics, American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, and Learning Sciences

Carly Smith

My name is Carly Smith and I am from Lebanon, IN. I graduated with majors in Educational Studies in the College of Education and Anthropology in the College of Liberal Arts as well as having minors in American Studies, Asian American Studies, Global Studies, Linguistics, American Sign Language, and Deaf Studies and Learning Sciences. 

It wasn't until winter break of my senior year in high school that I decided to attend Purdue. I was certain I would attend that 'other Indiana school' for Pre. Medicine but decided that my passion for English Education was more my suit. Purdue has been extremely helpful in gaining experience in a classroom setting even in a student's first semester on campus. I was placed in a local middle school but quickly learned that the students I really wanted to teach were college students instead.


Since my first year, I’ve had several changes in my majors, but have always been able to rely on the College of Liberal Arts and their flexibility. One of the most amazing opportunities that CLA has to offer is the Degree+ program. Through this program, I have a primary major, Educational Studies in my case, in another college. I’m able to add a secondary major in CLA with a reduced credit load and study other areas that I am passionate about. For me, that was the study of Anthropology, which is what I hope to teach at a college later on!

And that’s not the only opportunity that Purdue University and the College of Liberal Arts has to offer! On top of being a CLA Dean’s Ambassador, I also volunteer as an Ambassador for the College of Education. I am also President of Purdue’s Council for Exceptional Children, which works to promote and advocated for inclusion of people with disabilities into everyday life. Work is another great opportunity for students at Purdue too! I work in one of the many study centers on campus and at the front desk of one of our amazing residence halls. But my favorite extracurricular activity is the Purdue Musical Organization’s University Choir where I get to sing with some of my closest friends!

What I would have to say for anyone wondering what Purdue has to offer them is that there are so many opportunities to make your mark and get involved on your own terms. Whether through clubs, intramurals, student government, or whatever you love, there’s a place and passion for it at Purdue University.