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Reese Curtis

2022 Graduate

Major: Anthropology
Minors: Sociology, History

Reese Curtis

Hi, my name is Reese Curtis. Hailing from Elkhart Indiana, I am graduating with a major in anthropology, with minors in sociology and history.

As a senior in high school, I was very unsure of what I wanted to study. Elkhart is a relatively small town, and my high school did not offer many courses within the social sciences. However, while researching Purdue and the College of Liberal Arts, anthropology really jumped out at me. After years of being told that STEM routes were the only viable path to success, the prospect of being able to study humanity and culture really excited me. I proceeded to major in anthropology my freshman year and have not looked back since.

Choosing to enter the College of Liberal Arts here at Purdue has been one of the best decisions of my educational career. Where it can be easy to get lost in the crowd at a big institution like Purdue, the CLA has provided me with small classroom experiences while having access to the opportunities that come from attending a Big 10 institution. These small classes encourage interactions with both peers and professors, and the relationships I have made are ones I would not change for the world. Being able to interact with my professors on a regular basis has been one of the coolest parts of being a CLA student; every instructor I have had in this college has been passionate, empathetic, and more than willing to chat with their students. These personable experiences are what make the College of Liberal Arts special.

What I love most about Purdue is the diverse student body. As a gay man coming from a small town, I always felt like I was missing out on being part of a queer community. So, when coming to college, making LGBTQ friends was a priority for me, and that is exactly what I did. I was able to meet likeminded folks and foster my own queer space here at Purdue, a testament to the benefits of attending a big school.

In my time at Purdue, I have participated in the Anthropological Society, the Smash Bros club, and the Wiley Radio Club; these only scratch the surface of Purdue’s extensive student organizations. One of the most influential aspects of my Purdue experience has been the music scene, with concerts organized by the Student Concert Committee and those held by independent student groups. Music is a potent force that brings people together, and time and time again concerts here at Purdue have led me to new friendships and deeper bonds.

In closing, I think my advice for prospective students would be to follow your gut. Every person in this world has unique experiences and values that will shape their college decision, and I am not here to tell you what to choose. I will, however, say that Purdue has given me memories and experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime, and the College of Liberal Arts with its small classes and engaged staff has been key to this. If you are a person who wants a small college experience with access to a plethora of opportunities, I would encourage you to look into the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue. We would love to have you!