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Peyton James

Majors: Anthropology
Minors: Forensic Sciences, Law and Society

Peyton James headshot.

Hello! My name is Peyton James, and I am a Senior from Elmhurst, Illinois. I am majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Biological Anthropology and minors in Forensic Sciences and Law and Society. Upon graduation from Purdue University, I plan on continuing my education into graduate school to receive my doctoral degree. I am interested in conducting research regarding human evolutionary biology, with a focus on human behavior, as it pertains to different types of violence.

When I was looking at colleges, Purdue was not even a priority for me. It wasn’t until a random day the summer before my senior year of high school that my mom suggested we visit campus. Although I was trying to go to college as far away from home as possible, Purdue University became my top choice. At my visit, I met with a student member of the Office of Admissions to discuss my options at Purdue and interests outside of academics. During this meeting, a past professor of this student was passing through the Union but stopped to talk with all of us. This was a major turning point for me in how I viewed Purdue. Initially, I thought that the size of the campus would be overwhelming for me, coming from a high school class of about sixty students. However, I realized that although Purdue is large, this gives you so many opportunities to meet different people and create your own smaller communities.

The College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University is one of those small communities I found. From the small class sizes to approachable faculty, I made some incredible connections with people that still challenge and support me to this day. Aside from the campus feeling like home, the professors within the Purdue College of Liberal Arts played a major role in my academics and continue to impact my life now. Every professor I have had has extensive knowledge and experience in their primary field of study but also in various other subject areas. After conversations with several of them, I was able to add a concentration and minors that interested me and would help take me the direction I wanted to go.

Making connections with faculty and peers alike can result in some incredible experiences. After having an extensive conversation with one of my professors, I will be assisting her with her grant research in the Fall of 2022. Aside from academics, I am a member of the Purdue Golduster Dance Team, which is the official dance team of the All-American Marching Band, as well as a part of the Marketing and Recruitment Committee for the team. Since becoming a part of this program my freshman year, I have gained so many skills, experiences, and friendships that have made my time at Purdue unforgettable. Additionally, I am a member of the Purdue Anthropology Society (PAST) and will be serving as the Social Media Chair for this coming school year.

From performing halftime in Ross-Ade Stadium to being an ambassador to future Boilermakers through the College of Liberal Arts, my love for Purdue University and the community it fosters has only grown. I highly encourage you to visit Purdue and the College of Liberal Arts to see what we’re really about. Boiler Up!