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Cassandre Clark

2022 Graduate

Major: Film & Video Studies

Cassandre Clark

Hello, I’m Cassandre Clark! I graduated with a major in Film and Video Studies with a certificate in Sports Studies and Production. My hometown is Roachdale, Indiana, home of the Roachdale roach race! I wish I was kidding.

Right after high school, I went to a small business school in Michigan. After a semester, I decided that was not for me. When looking at what school to transfer to, Purdue fit the bill! I wanted to study sound and film, which I did. I wanted to have small classes sizes, but not see the same people every day, and get hands-on experience right out of the gate. Purdue just checked every one of my boxes! It also helped that my best friend of 15 years also goes here.

My most favorite thing about being a College of Liberal Arts student at Purdue was the amazing opportunities that I had. I interned as a producer/director for Big Ten StudentU streams. I got hands-on experience at doing a live broadcast. We had weekly production meetings and collaborated with the announcers on storylines and things we could highlight for the broadcast. This internship was treated like a real world job, which was definitely my favorite thing about this internship. This internship was where I decided I wanted to go into live TV as a career path.

Some advice I have for prospective students is don’t fit yourself into a box. If you’re a circle trying to fit into a square, you’re not going to be comfortable -- in a bad way. After transferring schools and wanting to pursue my major and minors, I am graduating 1 year “late.” For a long time, it stressed me out because the whole thing about college is you finish in 4 years, and it’s going to take me 5. But I found out I’m a circle trying to fit into a square. I studied what I absolutely love, followed my passion, and there is nothing more that I would have wanted to do.

Also, go to your lectures!!