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Chelsea Wilson

2022 Graduate

Major: Film & Video Production
Minor: Communication

Chelsea Wilson

Hello everyone, My name is Chelsea Wilson. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am graduating with a major in Film and Video Production with a minor in Communication.

I loved being a College of Liberal Arts (CLA) student at Purdue University, because of the faculty and staff’s commitment to the CLA students. The College of Liberal Arts is filled with dedicated students and staff who are passionate about the humanities and arts. We strive to be the best at whatever we do. Despite Purdue’s STEM based reputation, the College of Liberal Arts stands out strong on campus. As a student of the College of Liberal Arts, we have access to an abundance of job opportunities, internships and career exploration around the world. I love being a liberal arts student because of the huge support system the program has to offer. The College of Liberal Arts ensures their students are prepared and equipped to go out into the world and do great, impactful things in their communities and the workforce.




Outside of the Dean’s Ambassador program, I was involved in several on campus clubs and organizations. I was a part of the executive board for the Purdue Black Student Union. Also, I was a member of the Purdue Film Production Club. We worked hard to assist with on campus filming needs while gaining exposure to film and television production learning experiences and opportunities.

As a CLA student, I had great work experiences with the FOX BigTen sports network as an assistant to the preproduction camera and audio crew. This was a great experience because I was able to work closely with sports television anchors and the live-streaming BigTen crew. I learned so many new things about the process and procedures for filming live sports events.

What I love most about Purdue is the university’s constant efforts to help and support the students. At Purdue, I always know that I will receive the advice, support, and resources I need to be successful. I love the Purdue University pride which bonds the students on campus and all over the nation. Purdue University is truly my home away from home and I couldn't ask for much more in a collegiate level experience. Boiler up!