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Ryan Daniels

Major: Film & Video Production

Minor: Organizational Leadership

Ryan Daniels

Hello, my name is Ryan Daniels and I’m from Fishers, Indiana. My major is Film and Video Productions with a minor in Organizational Leadership.

Since I was a young child I have always been interested in film and editing. I use to edit short videos of my family vacations and edit them into short montages. I loved editing so much and wanted to make a possible career out of it. I knew that studying film, video, and theatre productions would be the perfect major to guide me on the path to a future career in editing. I one day hope to take the major and get into sports production. I would love to work for any sports network and become an editor/producer for their company. It is my dream job and I know I can get there with the help of the College of Liberal Arts.

When I was visiting Purdue as a prospective student I was a little nervous about what Purdue could offer me. Here I was, a student going into the film major, at a primarily STEM school. I couldn’t possibly see how I could fit in at Purdue, but then I had the opportunity to meet some CLA students and ambassadors. They gave me the confidence I needed to know that Purdue was the right school for me.

Coming to Purdue I was very nervous. I felt like a small fish in a big pond and had no clue how I was going to manage. How was I going to be heard or even seen amongst the 40,000+ students at Purdue? What I learned from them and what I have experienced first-hand, being a student in the College of Liberal Arts is a fantastic opportunity. Purdue is a very large school and being in the College of Liberal Arts makes this huge school feel so small. The classes sizes in the College of Liberal arts are a lot smaller and help to build wonderful relationships with your professors and other students around you. The smaller class sizes also help me to stay focused on my learning and push me to participate more in my classes.


At Purdue, I’m involved in a lot of activities. I liked to sing a lot when I was at home, but never had the opportunity to join in choirs in my hometown. So, when I got here, I knew choir was something I had to do. Currently, I’m in two choirs. One choir I’m in is through the Purdue Musical Organization and it’s called Heart and Soul. The second choir I’m in is through the Black Cultural Center and it’s called Black Voices of Inspiration. These choirs are both primarily gospel choirs and I have loved every second I have been in both. They have both provided me with a lot of fun experiences and I have made so many new friends through them.

Purdue is a wonderful university that has so many opportunities for you. Education is very important here, but as a community, we have learned that there needs to be a healthy balance between your education and your extracurricular needs. There are a lot of opportunities for you around campus to get involved and to join some amazing clubs. There are also a lot of fun activities that take place around campus, with Protect Purdue guidelines, that take place. My advice to all prospective students would be to get as involved as you can at Purdue. Take every opportunity that comes your way.