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Emi Wallner

2022 Graduate


Emi Wallner

Hello! My name is Emi Wallner and I am graduating with majors in Sociology with minors in Political Science and Human Resource Management here at Purdue. I am from Sammamish, Washington, a suburb outside of Seattle. I have absolutely loved my time at Purdue.

When applying to schools in high school and deciding what I wanted to major in, I found myself overwhelmed and confused. It was super important to me to make sure that my major was something that I was passionate about and enjoyed learning. I came across the Liberal Arts program at Purdue and was immediately interested. I liked how focused and personal the College of Liberal Arts seemed to be. Sociology fascinated me once I did more research into the program at Purdue. I loved how it was a different way of thinking about things and focused on people working in society. I decided to declare that as my major and it is definitely the right fit for me. Despite this, I was reassured by my professors and advisors that the College of Liberal Arts would allow me to easily switch my major if needed.

Being a College of Liberal Arts student at Purdue has been awesome! The College of Liberal Arts is smaller than most of the other colleges at Purdue. This has provided me with a more engaging and personal experience at Purdue. I’m able to get to know my professors and advisors on a deeper level than most students. I have also taken a lot of different liberal arts classes that have helped me narrow down my passions and find new ones! Along with this, the people that I have met through the College of Liberal Arts have inspired me and opened my eyes to new and creative ways of thinking.



Aside from being part of the College of Liberal Arts, I have had a wonderful time at Purdue. I decided to join Greek life when I was a freshman, and I have been connected to amazing people who I now can’t imagine my life without. Being in a sorority with over 100 girls with different interests, majors, and activities has also introduced me to so many new perspectives that have positively impacted all areas of my life.

I was also a Boiler Gold Rush team leader my sophomore year. Boiler Gold Rush is the orientation program that every new student is part of when they start at Purdue! I loved my experience as a new student, so I decided to be a team leader the next year. It was a totally different experience than it was my freshman year. I was able to show new students how much I loved Purdue and help them figure out how Purdue would best let them thrive. Again, I met great people who have enriched my experience even more.

In my free time at Purdue, I love to hang out with my friends, work out at the CoRec, and listen to music! I truly can’t imagine my life if I wasn’t a Purdue student.

Being a prospective student can be stressful and overwhelming when trying to figure out where you would best fit. Luckily, I have found my perfect fit at Purdue University and I hope that you can see all the reasons why I love it so much. Boiler Up!