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Ethan Goldfish Vinson

Major: Law & Society, Political Science
Minors: Human Rights, Professional Writing

Ethan Goldfish Vinson

Hello! My name is Ethan Goldfish Vinson, and I am currently majoring in Political Science and Law and Society with minors in Human Rights Studies and Professional Writing as well as a certificate in Public Policy. Growing up between the cornfields of Columbus, Nebraska, I knew I wanted greater exposure to the world around me. While looking for the college that best suited my needs, I knew that Purdue was this exposure!

Throughout my high school experience, I found that I wanted to shape my life around the idea of change: change fostered from education, changed fostered from exposure, and change fostered from my voice. I find that here at Purdue, I am able to take my past experiences and actively use them to seek involvement and change here on campus. My first week as a freshman was filled with networking, excitement, and believe it or not, the largest peaceful protest I have ever attended. This surreal experience of marching hand-in-hand together for the common purpose of racial justice is one that I will carry with me. With each chant and each feeling of goosebumps, I knew that Purdue was the future, my future. The value of a liberal arts education here at Purdue is simple. Liberal arts focus not only on a better understanding of the cultures and values of the natural world but also a broader understanding. Students receive the opportunity of firsthand change here within the College of Liberal Arts. A liberal arts education to me is the impact the department’s series Pursuing Racial Justice Together will cause, the impact in which the requirements of diversity and linguistic studies will have on cultural competence, and the lasting impact of the feeling of community that is fostered within the college. Liberal arts are lasting impacts.


It was from the exposure and civic potential that is provided through the College of Liberal Arts, that I can honestly call Purdue home. This idea of home was huge for me considering that I was moving 644 miles away from my own. I was scared. I did not know a single person on campus; however, thinking back, this was perhaps the best part of my college decision. Comfort, in my opinion, is something that puts limits on potential. By removing barriers, I was able to push myself, meet more people, and form connections that will aid me in my future. Coming from a small town, I wanted to still be able to form tight interpersonal relationships with others, and through the Liberal Arts’ smaller class sizes and passionate professors, I have been able to do just that. I wanted to take a familiar small-town mindset and expand it to that of a liberal arts education.

Purdue has been a catalyst for my potential, my future, and the change I want to see in the world. I am excited to continue my journey of expose and change here at Purdue and cannot wait to see the future opportunities that it has to offer! Boiler up!