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Graduate Concentration - Apply Now

  • Fall Application Deadline:  October 1
  • Spring Application Deadline:  March 1
  • Summer Application Deadline:  August 1

To be considered for admission to the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Graduate Concentration Program, applicants must complete and submit the Admissions Application to the WGSS office (BRNG 6164) by the application deadline.  Follow submission directions on the form.

Please remember that in order to qualify for a WGSS concentration, in addition to applying for the concentration, you must follow course requirements listed on the WGSS Graduate Students web page.

Once the course requirements have been fulfilled, obtain an unofficial transcript from Purdue, highlight/mark/asterisk the courses you have taken that you believe have fulfilled the requirements, and email to

After the SIS Department Head reviews and approves that you have completed the requirements to have a WGSS concentration, you will receive an email with additional instructions on what you will need to add into your plan of study so that the concentration will appear on your official Purdue transcript.  DO NOT enter the concentration into your plan of study until advised to do so by WGSS or SIS.