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Study Abroad In Mumbai, India 2017

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Did you know WGSS operates the most affordable, full semester study abroad program at Purdue?    A $3,000 Purdue scholarship pays for tuition, accommodations, and meals (3/day, 7 days/week) at Sophia College, a small liberal-arts college located on the grounds of a pink-tiled, 18th century Maharajah’s palace in southern Mumbai, India. With Purdue’s semester study abroad scholarship offsetting all of these costs, the only out of pocket expenses associated with this program are roundtrip transportation, visa/registration/medical preparedness and international travel insurance, pocket money for incidentals, as well as the Purdue placeholder fee ($931).  The savings that in-state Purdue students can experience amount to over $8000 over staying at Purdue for one semester!

Why go? The best part about this isn’t even the savings though…WGSS in India aims to enrich students’ appreciation for, and provide a global perspective on, the variable manifestations of women’s status and living conditions worldwide; sexual identities as they hinge on cultural context; gender politics in all its forms; and movements on behalf of women and LGBTQ people. You will have a chance to conduct a cross-cultural independent research project customized to match your interests, career goals, and major.  Other course options include courses on Indian gender history, society, literature, and culture.  You will have an option of taking a course on women’s empowerment/leadership in India and/or a course that involves service learning, community engagement, and outreach.  All instruction will be conducted in English.

Student testimonials. Click here to read recent messages from the Purdue students currently participating in the program, and keep your ear out for an opportunity to meet them, hear their stories, and ask them questions about their experiences and the research they accomplished as participants in the WGSS  in India 2015 program.

Are you eligible?  Undergraduate Purdue students who qualify for sophomore status at Purdue by May 15, 2016, and who have successfully completed a minimum of 3 CR of WGSS courses in the form of “Introduction to Women’s Studies” or "LGBT Studies” (WGSS 280 or 282), or their equivalent, by May 15, 2016 are eligible for this program. 

Apply! Complete applications are due by February 1, 2017, but interested students are urged to contact the WGSS Interim Director and Head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (at directly at any time.

Course equivalencies. Here is the list of courses Purdue students can choose from to enroll in at Sophia College, followed by a pre-approved list of their specific Purdue WGSS equivalents in parentheses:

Category A (students choose at least one):  Foundation Course (WGSS281 or ANTH 230); History of Mumbai and Maharashtral (WGSS 281)

Category B (students choose at least one): Sociology of Gender (WGSS381 or SOC450); Literature and Gender (WGSS381)

Category C (students choose at least one): Women's Empowerment (ENTR470 or COM491 or WGSS 499); Outreach Programme (WGSS492)

Category D (Required) Feminist Research (WGSS499). This course includes a foundational theory component and a strong practical component under faculty guidance and is customized to align with students’ specific academic interests, major, and career goals.