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Andie Lee

2022 Graduate

Major: Political Science
Minor: Public Policy

Andie Lee

Hi my name is Andie Lee! I was a Political Science major with a minor in Public Policy. I am from Newport Beach, California and I was a transfer student here at Purdue. I chose my major because I would like to pursue a career in law, and I thought that majoring in political science would provide me with a good base of knowledge for law school later on. Politics is something I am very passionate about, and I love how so many of my courses are constantly widening my range of knowledge.

My favorite part about being a College of Liberal Arts student at Purdue is that I feel like I was a part of a very special community on campus. Purdue is definitely known as a STEM school, but I was constantly being impressed by the faculty, programs, and resources that I receive as a CLA student. In one semester, I went four or five times to the Liberal Arts Career Center to work on my resume. Every time I went, I not only improved my resume, but I was introduced to internship opportunities and how to go about applying for them.

I love how I got to have smaller class sizes as a CLA student. It gave me the opportunity to create a relationship with my professors. In fact, I was introduced to the opportunity to become a CLA Dean’s Ambassador through a professor that I was able to get to know due to the smaller class size.

I was a part of Greek life on campus. I went through rush and joined Alpha Phi and it was such a great experience being part of a great group of women on campus.

As I said earlier, I transferred to Purdue for my sophomore year and I loved every second I have spent here. Purdue had all the elements I wanted in a college; a community of students, academic rigor, school spirit, great sports teams, and a place to call my second home. I was so nervous to start all over at a completely new place, but within my first week, that nervousness vanished. People were so welcoming, my classes were so interesting, and I felt like I was finally at the right school.

No matter who you are, you will find your people and place at Purdue. Don’t be worried as you begin this next chapter in your life. This is such an exciting moment for you, and I really hope you take the time to enjoy these next four years of your life!