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Raegan Fishback

Majors: Political Science
Minor: Human Rights, Law and Society 

Raegan Fishback

My name is Raegan Fishback, and I am studying Political Science with a minor in Human Rights and Law and Society within the College of Liberal Arts. I decided to major in Political Science because I have recently been very intrigued in politics as they have been especially interesting within the past few years. After I obtain my bachelor’s degree, I plan on going to law school. The ultimate goal is to become a prosecutor, for I want to become an advocate for those who have been wronged and fight for the justice that they deserve. I feel morally obligated to help those who cannot help themselves when it comes to the law. 

Only a little over an hour away from Purdue is Brownsburg, Indiana, my hometown. While it is nice to be on my own at college, I also thought it best that I do not stray too far from home in case of emergency. This is one of the many reasons I chose Purdue. In addition to the close proximity, I especially like the way Purdue operates. The Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) might have to be my favorite part of Purdue, even if it is only a few short days at the beginning of the year. BGR is a great opportunity for incoming students to not only meet new people but get a better feel for the beautiful campus as well. I even met one of my best friends through BGR, so it definitely is one of the best things about Purdue in my opinion!

In regard to the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), I particularly appreciate how the College allows for a sense of liberty to explore broader subjects. I have never been one to enjoy a more technical way of learning, so I felt as though the CLA was a great fit for me. I also like how the College is not composed of classes that have a very large number of students present, at least in my experience. This allows for a more close-knit space in which one can actually get to know the majority of the other students as well as the professor. The feeling of being overlooked does not apply to the CLA, which I consider a great benefit.

If I could give any advice to a prospective student, it would be to choose a college that resonates with who you are as a person. For some people, they have been dreaming of going to a specific college all their lives. For others, like myself, they really only start thinking about it when the time comes to get serious about college applications. I toured a few different schools and when it came to Purdue, I felt as though the university spoke to me. I loved the campus and the atmosphere and knew right then that this is where my next home should be. Therefore, pick a college that does not make you doubt for a second that that is where you belong.