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Jessica Patellos

2022 Graduate

Majors: Political Science, Philosophy

Minor: Spanish

Jessica Patellos

Hello, my name is Jessica Patellos. I was in the College of Liberal Arts and studied Political Science (with a concentration in International Relations) and Philosophy with a minor in Spanish.

I chose to study Political Science and Spanish after a study abroad experience I had in high school. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Mexico and deepen my understanding of the language, as well as live in a foreign country for a few months. As a result, I wanted to focus on international relations and immigration-related topics facing the world today. I decided to add a Philosophy minor after my first year at Purdue. My favorite philosophy courses have been centered around ethics. All of my classes in the College of Liberal arts have expanded my knowledge of history, literature, and verbal and written communication. I am very grateful for all my professors and advisors who have made studying liberal arts at Purdue a fun, challenging, and educational experience. 

One of the biggest reasons I choose to attend Purdue was for the ability to study within a small liberal arts college while being surrounded by students and faculty of all different disciplines on campus! There are over 1,000 clubs on Purdue’s campus and a place for everyone.

Outside of my classes, I am a College of Liberal Arts ambassador, a member of Greek Life, a peer consultant at the Center for Career Opportunities, and a member of multiple clubs! During this past semester, I have joined Purdue Liberal Arts Student Council, and I am excited to have a voice within the college. Additionally, I have joined Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science honor society), and this club has allowed me to connect with faculty and peers within political science. Some of the opportunities within this club involve undergraduate research and trips to historically or politically significant locations to gain real-life exposure to our studies! 

Some advice I would give to incoming students: Do not hesitate when it comes to taking opportunities to enhance your education and experience! Join a club if you are considering, add a minor, or sign up to get more information about a study abroad trip.

In my two years at Purdue, I have learned that the sooner you immerse yourself into the college experience, the more you will get out of it. Boiler Up!